• Mentorforløb til professionelle

Mentorforløb (kun 2 ledige pladser til efterårets forløb 2020)

6 måneders mentorforløb for kvinder, der arbejder med fertilitet, graviditet, fødsler og nye familier.

10 timers individuel on-line sessioner

2 sessioner a 1,5 time ansigt til ansigt i Rude hvis geografisk muligt

Adgang til Facebookgruppe og månedlige online foredrag

Meditationer og øvelser til en bæredygtig praksis

20.000,-  kan betales over 6 mdr med 3334,- mdl

Ja tak, jeg vil hapse en af de 2 pladser nu  

Mere om mentorforløb:

En kombi af faglig dygtiggørelse og personlig udvikling for terapeuter og fødsels- og barselshjælpere.

(Uddybning på engelsk, da jeg har fået en del forespørgsler fra ikke-dansk-talende)

You are passionate about nurturing mothers and mothers to be.  Everything conception, fertility, pregnancy, birth and small children lights you up. You may be a nutritionist, massage therapist, yoga teacher, doula, midwife or psychologist. Then this program may be for you

This Mentorship Program is much more than supervision and learning about pre- and perinatal psychology. It is a joint journey into discovering your strengths and unique contribution to the pregnant woman,  the family-to-be  and developing a life and identity according to your values.

As a carer, birth worker, healer or therapist you use yourself as the instrument, and being able to embody what you help others with is essential.  This mentorship program is about creating  sustainable practices to care for yourself,  to work with more self compassion as you help others, to avoid empathy fatigue and burn out.  

Who you are

You have so many tools in your toolbox. You are eager and dedicated to learn and you have so much to offer in the field of pregnancy, birth and beyond.  You know how to help, and you are willing to show up when needed. But sometimes you feel exhausted and you feel guilty for not caring for yourself and perhaps your partner and children. As you care for your clients. Some days you have a headache, some days you doubt yourself and sometimes you feel alone with a huge responsibility. If you are not careful, you may struggle with burning out.  

You know that your most important tool is yourself and you need to look after your instrument if your passion is going to keep burning.

What you want

You want to continue to be a significant help to women and their partners in the transition into parenthood. 

You want to know what to look for and how to ask, when you grow concerned with a client or her partner.

You want to be able to prevent post partum depression and anxiety without burning out. 

You want be a parent who is present and compassionate and loving.

You want to have an abundance of energy to do all the things in your own life and for your own family after giving to so many.  

You want to feel more balanced and in alignment with what you teach others.

What you get

With this mentorship you will have somebody by your side, who knows about the psychology of mothers, families, babies and “mother-workers” like yourself. Somebody who supports you and enquires into your best practices for a more sustainable life as a passionate carer for mothers and families. 

You will learn about Compassion Focused Mother Care and Self-Compassion and you will receive meditations and guidance for your own practice.

You will have someone who is dedicated to your development and success for a longer period of time. 

You will have the confidentiality and flexibility of the one-to-one contact and you will learn about yourself, your own stories about birth, your values, your blind spots, your strongest virtues and somebody supporting you to discover how you best serve women, mothers and families.

My method is gentle, loving, safe and compassionate.  I am not kicking you or pushing you to perform – if you need that, you must find another mentor.  Instead I offer you a sacred space for your own personal development and professional growth.

What is a mentorship and how is it different from supervision?

If you are a psychologist you may wonder how this is different than supervision. 

The focus for supervision is on concrete issues, such as “how to’s” and questions into particular families risks and resources. In supervision I play the role of the expert in perinatal mental health and use my knowledge and experience to support and guide you. We focus on discovering dilemmas and conflicts of interests or values and enhancing current skills and learning new skills. Supervision is often short term and related to specific tasks, jobs etc and can be anything from one session to 10 or more.

Mentoring is a shared journey. The focus is on providing a safe environment and building a relationship over a longer period of time with trust and confidence where the mentee can share openly about struggles, insights and issues that may affect her work and life.  Issues can be personal or professional.  However this program still qualifies as supervision, if you need it for your employer og continuing education.


Building a relationship of trust takes time and set backs are expected in professional and personal development. If you choose me to be your mentor we will meet for 6 months.

During that time, you will have access to me for questions and guidance and we will meet twice a month face to face or on zoom.us.

Kontakt mig for at høre mere på telefon: 26599558 eller her via. kontaktformularen

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